My Mini Muffin Pan is Working Finally

A few years back, with Christmas gift money, I got myself a Wilton mini-muffin pan.  I had great plans for this item.  Non-stick, perfect sized portions, good quality brand, right?  Not mine.

I could not get anything to come out cleanly unless it was in one of those (expensive) little paper cups.  I got the pan so I could make stuff that didn’t require paper cups.  I used shortening, non-stick spray, butter, and even oil.  Everything stuck, either to the cup, the top, or both.  Remember that brownie bites fiasco?  Yeah, not a good memory.  Funny thing was, I could prep my Bundt pan, and my lamb cake mold, and nothing would stick to those.

So I asked my friend Chef Sandy how she got good results, and she said she didn’t have a problem with hers.  Did you know you can get a pan lemon?  Like a lemon car.  I did not know that till that conversation.  Anyway, Sandy suggested the non-stick spray with flour in it.  Now, I’d never used it, and don’t like to use the sprays, really, when baking, because they tend to turn the pans brown and cook on.  But I knew that the pan was already unusable to me, so I got some of the .99 spray with flour at Aldi a few weeks ago, and tried it.

Yay!  It worked very well.  I made these low-fat pumpkin spice muffins, which I usually find very sticky and hard to get from the big muffin pan.  The little gems fell right out!  No mess.  I did notice the spray was dark brown on the pan, but I wiped it off before cooling and refilling the pan.  It also cleaned up real nice with the Dawn Direct Foam I have come to love.

 So, I’ve got a fully functioning mini-muffin pan.  Muuuuuhaaaaa!  I am not exactly sure that’s a good thing, but it works for me right now.  Thanks, Chef Sandy!


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