Review of Beefy Tomato and Spinach Rotini

Tonight we made this recipe for dinner.  It came to me from Con Agra, and I was excited because my calculations came to .78/serving.  I brought the cost down more by subbing very thin spears of broccoli for the spinach (.99/#), and I used the basil and garlic flavored Hunt’s tomatoes (by accident, okay?).

This was filling, indeed, and frugal, and not bad.  It lacked zing, though, so at the table we added pepper and Parmesan cheese.  #2 balked at the tomatoes, but they were pretty mild for canned, so he ate his full serving.  The noodles are always a hit at my house.  The four of us ate the whole 6-serving recipe.  So the final cost was $3.69, or .92 per serving.  Still a bargain!

I would suggest adding a pinch of crushed red pepper with the tomatoes and broth, and a few grinds of pepper.  If you don’t use seasoned tomatoes, maybe add some garlic or garlic powder, too.



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