'Tis the Season for Food Pantry Giving

“There but for the grace of God go I.”

In my life, there have been times when I’ve been pretty hungry.  Thankfully, not when I’ve had a family to feed.  So when I hear about families that have no food, children that don’t eat regularly, I get sad.  Many different circumstances can bring families to the point that they don’t have proper nourishment.  I’m not here to judge, but to suggest charity.

At this time of year, we’ll be made aware of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for the homeless, the unemployed and the underemployed.  We’ll think “stuffing, canned pumpkin, green beans and mushroom soup.”  But please keep in mind that there are people who need food all year long.  This is a great season for finding deals, especially “holiday food” deals, and it’s a perfect time to donate.  Don’t let it stop there!

Consider a budget for food pantry donations.  Consider donating your FREE finds, especially if you know you won’t enjoy them (but someone else might).  Consider volunteering at a pantry to sort donations or prepare family food bags/boxes. 

There are many food banks and pantries in the Omaha area.  Here are just some of the organizations that serve our community.  (Let me know if you have another favorite, and I will gladly add it.  Or just add a comment below.)  Check with your church to see how and when they collect food pantry donations; ours has a (donated) grocery cart in the Narthex for ongoing donations.

Project Hope Omaha

Mission for All Nations

Angel Food Ministries (locations around Omaha)

Food Bank for the Heartland (formerly Omaha Food Bank)

Together, Inc.

Community Cupboard

UPDATE:  I was informed today that the Food Bank is not able to distribute or “sell” to other pantries the following, because they are so LOW in inventory.  (That means your help is needed with these, especially.)  Canned corn, canned soups.  Thanks!

Also, keep an ear out for friends or family of someone you know who could use a direct donation due to job loss, medical issues, etc.  Consider offering some of your contributions to that person to pass along.  (Avoiding a food pantry is often appreciated beyond measure.)

In my grocery deal posts, you’ll see this marking: *FP, which means it is a great opportunity to inexpensively contribute to your preferred food pantry.  We’re here to help others, not just ourselves.  Please help.


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