Excellent Trip to No Frills Today!

NIIIIIICE!  I LOVE suff that’s FREE, and I got some good things today.  I went to NF at 132/Center for the Mega Meat Deal and PMs.

Mega Meat Deal: Spent 12.05 for a huge chunk of lean beef that will make 3 or 4 meals for us.  I got these FREE:

5# russet potatoes
1# carrots
3# yellow onions
6-ct whole wheat rolls

I also found a clearance cart with lots of clearanced soups for .99:  V8s, Healthy Choice bowls, Progresso bowls.  I pulled out (2) $1/any V8 soup, and got some Southwestern Corn soup, enough for dinner with quesadillas — for FREE.

I got 6 Steamfresh PMd at .84, with $1/3 coupons.

Hamburger Helper was PMd at .88, and there was a buy 10 get $2 off your next order Catalina, so….

Other Catalinas that printed:  $1.50/3 V8 soups (so .48 each for the clearance ones), and .50/1 Steamfresh rice w/vegs (which I’d just PMd at .84, so .34).

My total for food:  24.91.  Now, if we could find a weekend to make a nice pot roast and not rush through it, things would be even better.

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