Coupon Booklet in Dairy!

Look for this booklet in your grocery store; I found this in BnS dairy, among the canned pastry doughs.  All manuf coupons exp 10/25, though.  Don’t know where the reps were hiding these; glad I picked up a couple.  Some of the coupons therein:

$1/1 box Cinnamon Toast Crunch

$1/1 box Total cereals

$1/3 Old El Paso products

$1/3 Progresso soups

$1/3 Hamburger Helper

$1/8 Yoplait yogurts

Now here’s a question for you: why would someone rip out all of one coupon (I’m guessing it was for Pillsbury cookie dough, but not positive) out of every single booklet, and put them back?  Okay, I know why.  But ethically: WHY?  Just take two or three booklets, be happy with that, and leave the rest for others.  Are people really that greedy?  Although, I must say if they just wanted the one coupon, at least they didn’t take all the coupon booklets and throw them away.  Still, folks, COME ON!  It’s prepackaged, perishable, treat food!  Sheesh!  Think about what you’re teaching the next generation: get what you want when you want it, because you can, and because you’re entitled.  Is that right?  Or is it just selfish?


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