Menu Planning: 10/10-10/17/10

What has Cheap Thrills planned for this week?

I skipped posting last week. Much too much going on, from the mundane to the potentially catastrophic, early in the week.  I missed it.  I did have a menu plan, though.  And it changed mid-week.  And it changed yesterday, when I had to drive myself to the ER for three stitches in my right thumb and a tetanus shot.  I’m right-handed.  (Yes, girls, I cried big tears.  It hurt very badly.  I wanted to scream like the child in the next room, but the nurse specifically begged asked me not to.)  My fam returned home shortly after I did, and since I had planned for them to eat at their outing, the evening ultimately required…..Papa Murphy’s pizza.

So anyway!  I’ve revised my menu plan for the coming week, with this injury in mind.  I’ll need to revise future weeks I’ve already planned, too, because I won’t get to some of the advance cooking I planned.  Yeah, well, Life goes on.

Sunday: Spaghetti (whole wheat, .67/box), frozen meatballs in sauce ($1.50), salads (.70 for all)

Monday: hot dogs (Hebrew National, about $1.50), buns (.39), oven fries (.85 for one meal), frozen veg tbd (.88)

Tuesday: frozen chicken enchiladas (my go-to Cheap meal ~$3 for all with leftovers), rice (.10/serving), salads (.70)

Wednesday: lean beef kielbasa (1.69), cooked apples (.68/#), boiled potatoes (.20/#)

Thursday: Crock Pot BBQ pork (.98/#), oven fries (.85), slaw (.28/# cabbage) (Bonus:  half the pork goes into the freezer.)

Friday: family visiting — grillage — very lean burgers (.57/2), bl/sl chicken breasts(.99/#), pasta salad (.74), buns (.39), salad (.70) Ooh!  and a patio drink we learned from the wine guy at Arbor Day Lodge in Nebraska City, a “Husker Sangria.”  Will let you know how that turns out.

Saturday: Company tailgating at the Husker game (wish we had tickets!) — catered

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday. What’s on your menu? What deals are you putting to use?



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