Vala’s Discount Tickets

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are No Frills Funday/Nights — Reduced General Admission — no coupons necessary.

AND there are FREE s’mores for everyone at the Sundown Marshmallow Roast at Vala’s 6 pm to 9 pm every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

How awesome is THAT!?  Even if you can’t get the half price tix, you can still get a discount if you can go early in the week.

If you’re looking for discount tickets to Vala’s Pumpkin Patch, wait till Thursday at 11 am and check back here.  There will be a post with a half off deal!  Better yet, subscribe to the feed so you get the info directly.


6 thoughts on “Vala’s Discount Tickets

    • OMG. Thanks for that. It had disappeared! I recently upgraded WP, and this was just…..gone. And I hadn’t noticed. It’s back now: right sidebar, at the top.


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