Menu Planning: 9/26-10/2/10

What has Cheap Thrills planned for this week? 

We were gone for the weekend.  A looong weekend “jaunt,” and I’m exhausted.  Thank goodness I have some pre-made meals in the freezer, and a plan to make it all happen.  Healthfully.  The grocery deals I’ve been getting have certainly come in handy these last few weeks.  I’ve been able to pull a few ingredients, or meals, out of the freezer to thaw overnight in the fridge, then cook/heat through in no time flat!  What a Thrill!

Sunday:  Ate out on the way home.  The Bunk House in Valentine, Nebraska.  Pretty good eats!

Monday:  Turkey taco soup freezer repeats (one of the yummiest, most frugal meals I make), corn chips (.99 Aldi)

Tuesday:  Tortellini (2.98), marinara (.63), Italian blend vegs ($1)

Wednesday:  Manwiches (meat = 1.88/# + Manwich = .40), frozen oven-baked fries (.88), carrot sticks (ridiculously cheap!)

Thursday:  Shanghai chicken meatballs, rice (.10/serving), slaw (hope to get cabbage on sale this week)

Friday:  Pan-grilled pork chops (.99/#), caramelized apples (.88/#), noodles (.69/package)

Saturday:  Guys at Vala’s for Scout Blitz Day, me out to a friend’s farm (bringing side dish tbd)

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday.  What’s on your menu?  What deals are you putting to use?



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