Coupons at Our Hotel…And Other Fun Sunday Stuff

We went out of town last weekend.  (I’m leaning away from the Holiday Inn chains, but that’s another story.)  The fun news is that I got all the coupons from the Rapid City Journal Sunday papers in the lobby!  I did ask the desk clerk, and she was very enthused to have me take them. 

So, in addition to the coupons awaiting when I returned home, I got an additional two full sets (including the P&G Brandsaver).  The Smart Source and Red Plum inserts are very different from the Omaha inserts at first glance; I’ll have to report back on any really great different ones, after I get some rest.

Unfortunately, the Omaha Sunday paper at home was waterlogged.  “Who wet on our Cheerios,” has a whole new meaning.  There was a free mini box of Multigrain Cheerios with a $1 coupon and a Nature Valley Sweet N Salty bar in the wrapper pocket.  The bar was fine (a little smooshed), and the cereal sounds dry, so maybe not so dreadful.

Did you get the cereal in your paper?


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