40% Off Sherwin Williams Paint!

See full size imageWow-SER!  Friday 9/24 thru Sunday 9/26, Sherwin Williams paint is 40% off!   I’m so there!  I procrastinated [hanging head shamefully]…..but now I’m glad I did!  Two gallons (1 primer, 1 paint) for my fall/winter painting projects at 40% off is a really good thing.

What is Cheap Thrills painting this fall?   My master bedroom and sitting area.  It’s the only room in the house I haven’t painted (besides the family room which has a really funky textured finish, which I can live with because it’s the perfect color for that room).

What are YOU doing this weekend?


2 thoughts on “40% Off Sherwin Williams Paint!

    • For my upcoming project I got Cashmere because the walls are faux finished with a slight texture and I want to even that out. Primer plus Cashmere should do that.

      I’m also adding Insul-add (finally found locally at Menard’s) to the gallon to be used on the two outside walls, b/c there is little, if any, insulation in those walls. Not a perfect fix, but it’ll help. Insul-add adds an insulating factor to paint. It went on the market commercially in the 90s, but wasn’t available here in Omaha, until this year (2010), at least until I finally found it. Can purchase in one packet for one gallon, or larger containers.


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