What’s Your Shopping Style? Interruptions, or No?

Lately it’s been almost impossible to concentrate on grocery deals in the stores.  At least 5-6 times per visit to any store, especially a grocery store, I get someone passing me, asking me how I’m doing, or if I’m finding everything alright.  Usually I’m deep in thought/calculation/scanning the shelf looking for an exact product. 

Apparently, the retailers believe that checking with their customers will assure their positive experience in the store.  What they don’t realize is that the “satisfaction police” are being counterproductive.  I have come to ignore them, because I don’t want to break my concentration; I know that’s not polite, but neither is interrupting someone’s shopping unnecessarily.  “Shoppus Interruptus.”

I am not elderly (I’ve often been told I look much younger than I really am), nor gray, nor stupid-looking (I check the mirror often).  I am not “obviously in need.”  It is clear that I have a plan, and a list, and a focus when I am in the store.  I don’t seek eye contact with employees (because I don’t need to).  So why interrupt me?

Grocery employees should be taught how to discern the appropriateness of approaching customers.  I know and love one store where the employees are almost always smiling, but don’t actually speak until they determine my availability.  I can look at them and smile, and look back at my list, and they recognize that as my being in shopping mode.  They’ve done their job, and I am not interrupted.

How about you?  Do you like to be interrupted?  Or are you a Lone Wolf in the stores?  Is it just me?


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