Menu Planning: 9/12-9/17/10

What has Cheap Thrills planned for this week? 

Our week starts out nice and “normal,” then kicks into hyper mode.  Friday two of my guys go camping, but #1 has the Homecoming Game.  Saturday, Oktoberfest at the German American Society, and possibly going to the Homecoming Dance.  I’ve planned meals using recent sale prices and unexpected deals; some have been socked away in the freezer.  Here’s what I’ve got this week, but anything can happen:

Sunday:  Class picnic: Picnic Chicken (.91 for 3# Smart Chicken) for us, corn salad dish (FREE Our Fam corn) to share

Monday:  Fast dinner/Meeting Dash: Banquet chicken tenders (3.25), Alexia fries for the guys (.78), slaw (cabbage for pennies, slaw dressing for cheaper)

Tuesday:  Banquet cheesy burger patties ($1), diced potatoes for the guys (1.33), carrots (.88/2#, so .30)

Wednesday:  Crock lasagne with spinach (lasagne noodles <$1, sauce .78, spinach .88, cheese .67), salads (1.1.6) with tomato from the garden and dressing (always less than .90/bottle)

Thursday:  Teriyaki ginger chicken (.98/#, made on Chicken Cooking Day), brown rice for the guys (.10/serving), vegs tbd

Friday:  Dinner on the go for two who like the spicy: Chipotle chicken drums ($1 for 3# Smart Chicken marinated in a flavor packet from another meal), chipotle ranch Suddenly Salad (.74), Star Bars (.16 each)

Saturday:  Dinner at G.A.S. — oh, what a Thrill!  Brat no bun, homemade sauerkraut, oh, man!

For more inspiration and awe, visit Menu Plan Monday.  What’s on your menu?  What deals are you putting to use?



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