Weekly Dinner Deal 9/5-9/11/10 — Labor Day Edition

Ah, Labor Day.  Grilling and chillaxing.  The last vestiges of summer.  (Well, if we don’t get a heat wave before the snow hits.)  Do your plans include food?  Ours certainly do.  Anytime we get some extra time and energy to grill, we go big.

How to enjoy Cheap Thrills for the holiday?  Easy-peasy.  Here’s what you can do with recent Omaha grocery deals to feed four.  On the menu:  Bratwurst on Buns, Baked Beans, Potatoes, Pasta Salad, Cole Slaw.  To drink: Lemonade.  Dessert:  Blue Bunny Star Bars

Bratwurst, Johnsonville, 7 to a package, for 1.95 this week at BagNSave.

Buns for brats, on sale at BagNSave this week, .49 (you’ll have one bun left to make garlic bread later in the week).

Baked beans use 1 can store brand purchased on price cut a few weeks ago (seasoned with brown sugar and bacon), with a little onion powder added, total .39.

Potatoes are always cheap, but the Klondike Rose ones I found at BagNSave look tasty, and boiled or nuked, four medium cost about $1.  Sour cream was on sale this week, so add .16, and .12 for green onions, also a bargain this week.  $1.28 total.

Pasta (Suddenly) salad cost .74 this week.

Cabbage on sale this week (about .30) and a shredded carrot (about .10); homemade dressing comes in at around .10.  Total cost for this salad: .70.

Lemonade was on sale this week, figure half the half-gallon, .39.

Blue Bunny Star Bars on sale, with coupon, 2/3 of the package, .65

Total cost for this meal:  $6.39.  Now, this is LOT of food for a special celebration, and I don’t recommend you normally eat like this.  It will also probably reduce the amount of food you eat throughout the rest of the day.  If you bought extra of the Johnsonville, buns, beans and Star Bars, you could easily feed 8 people for less than $10.  And if you aren’t having guests, put the brats and buns in the freezer for another meal (the ice cream, too).

Hope you enjoy a day free from labors.  Enjoy the starry sky with a cool drink, and maybe a walk in the park.  Tomorrow we diet.


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