Menu Planning: 9/5-9/11/10

What has Cheap Thrills planned for this week? 

I’m using up some stashes of deals.  Labor Day is a big food day for us, and I’ll be cooking extras to use during the week.  We also have a birthday this week, I get back to work, and we have a school picnic to plan for.  Phew!  Here’s what I’ve got this week:

Sunday:  Cheese ravioli (insanely cheap a few weeks ago), jarred marinara (also a ridiculous deal some weeks back), Caesar salads with tomato from my garden, garlic crescent rolls (sale, coupon, must be used)

Monday/Labor Day:  Black & Bleu burgers (.50 each, Target), Johnsonville brats (.95/package, BnS), buns (.49, BnS), jazzed up baked beans (.52), loaded baked potato casserole (cheese, sour cream and onions on sale this week), slaw (cabbage for pennies this week), Suddenly Salad (.74 this week), Blue Bunny Star Bars (.97 sale w/coupon).  This will provide lots of leftovers for lunches.  Also cooking split chicken breasts (.98/# last week) for Thursday

Tuesday:  Chunked cooked chicken from freezer (.99/# last week, Crocked and frozen), stir-fry vegs ($1.19 Aldi), brown rice (.10/serving; making extra for Saturday).  Also making cake for Wednesday (will freeze half).

Wednesday/Birthday:  Schnitzel by request (pork 1.88/# a few weeks ago), Bavarian green beans (.78), spaetzle by request (yikes! $4.50), cake (.96), ice cream (.98/half gal. last week).

Thursday:  Grilled chicken from Monday (.98/#), lime (.25), noodles (.64 last week), California blend vegs ($1 Aldi)

Friday:  Turkey Taco Soup (2.50 feeds 10 — I’ll freeze half), corn muffins (.34 Aldi + 1 egg, .07)

Saturday:  Salmon (5.99 Aldi last week), leftover rice (.10/serving), green veg tbd.  Also cooking up seasoned chicken and making a corn salad for picnic Sunday.

What’s on your menu?  What deals are you putting to use?



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