CVS is Not For Me

I have just been to CVS, and imho, it is worse than some of my other local experiences.  I have to say the result is not worth the hype.

I did get a few freebies (Coke and CVS soap), and I did get $10 off my purchases.  And I’m thankful for those.  But it was an uncomfortable experience for me overall, and my main purpose for going there was a waste.

Do not trust your photo needs to CVS!  I went today to take advantage of the 25 free prints in the photo area.  I waited almost two minutes to be recognized, while employees chatted an aisle over.  I had already cropped and used special effects on my photos, and put 25 of them on a disk.  The gal said she’d print them up while I shopped.  She even found me in the aisle (less then ten minutes later….that should have been a clue) to give me the package, which was a nice thing.  I made sure to tell her beforehand that they’d already been cropped, and although some of them might not be the exact dimensions of a 4 x 6, to make sure the pics fit on each print page.  “Oh, sure!”  Oh, NO!  One image is of a group of Boy Scouts listening to Hal Daub speak about citizenship.  The pic was nicely cropped, and included the entire person of Mr. Daub.  The print I am looking at shows a decapitated former mayor and only part of one of the boys.  Are you KIDDING me?!  A portrait image (oval, faded edges) was cropped off on all four sides, ruining the effect.  Twenty-one of the prints are unusable for me.

Am I going back to get them redone?  No, way.  First, they were free, and secondly, it’s not worth my time to deal with these guys if they can’t even get it close to right the first  time.  I’ve had major issues with other places and their film processing.  I figured going digital, with my providing print-ready images to CVS, would make it error-proof.  I guess not.  Back to my original Plan A of printing them out myself.  So much for saving ink.

The shelf prices of almost everything shocked me!  Chef Boyardee over $2!  $2 for Kleenex.  Store-brand 2-packs of bar soap for 2.99 (I got mine free with coupon on any CVS  item up to $3).  I don’t know — maybe I’m used to getting really good deals elsewhere, but I wasn’t Thrilled.  The store was full of older, retired (I’m sure) couples who looked like I felt:  confused, stunned, unimpressed.

What else you should know:  “GE” on the shelf tag stands for “Gold Emblem,” which is their house brand of food items.  The actual wording on the package logo is difficult to see.  These tags are cleverly squeezed in around the brand name items, so you have to be very careful. 

You will not get any coupons at the kiosk the first time you scan your Extra Care Bucks card, and will actually have to wait till they can enter your info (as well as all the other new customers signing up this week).  BTW, I never did get my ECB card in the mail, or my $4 email coupon.

They do have some cute fall decor items.  I expect they’ll have lots of seasonal things.

Pretty much, if it’s not on sale and you can use a coupon, it’s going to be overpriced.  Like a convenience store, because that’s what it is: a pharmacy with a convenience store.  But!  Once the ECB kiosk gets going, and we see coupons emerge, and there start to be clearance items, it could turn out to be a source of good deals for you.

There are only a mere four square inches (it seems!) to place your merchandise at the check-out counter.  After all the months of construction, you’d think they could have allowed for more room for that.  (There’s also a LOT of PoP merchandise that could go.) 

Getting in and out of the 144/Maple store is tricky.  The driveway from the service road around the Home Depot lot has a curb, so you have to drive really slowly and make a sharp turn to get in and out.  Traffic along that service road is fast and tricky (lots of hungry people headed to the fast food, or cutting through to Fantasy).  Be careful out there!

I’m not sure I’m going back.

What was YOUR experience at CVS?


2 thoughts on “CVS is Not For Me

  1. I agree. I was able to get several Purex, which will be great for my college student, but with the limits, etc., it will take some getting used to. The best part about CVS is that there are 2 Walgreens and a Target close by, so I will continue to go for the free items but won’t be spending a lot of time in the store. Yesterday I needed a box of instant mashed potatoes and the small (generic) box was over $2. The small box of Kraft was over $3. Their regular prices are way too high.


  2. Hi Lisa,
    I agree! We checked out the CVS on 108th & Maple and were very disappointed. Much smaller than what we anticipated. Didn’t like the design of the store; limited space at the checkouts. I was shocked at the prices; very high indeed!


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