CVS Ad 8/14/10

If you’re looking for the ad for the CVSes that open today, don’t look for it in the Sunday paper.   CVS is running them in the Saturday paper. “The plot thickens.” 

I was very disappointed not to find an ad this morning!  But, before blogging and screaming “SERIOUSLY?!” I checked yesterday’s unread paper, and found it.  With a big notice that they will be running their sale ads in the Saturday World-Herald.  “Select zip codes.”  Well, this is, mm, different.

Our ad is, indeed, different from the preview ad I reviewed yesterday, although most of the deals look the same, just a few different brand names (water) and a different layout.  Other interesting things in the ad:

gallon Viva milk 2.69

eggs 1.49/dozen

“huge 10 for $10 grocery sale” on “select grocery or snack items”

The Omaha CVS ad advertises much more alcohol than other ads, from beer to hard liquor.  At sale prices.  Please don’t drink and drive or provide alcohol to minors — this is me, not them.

And a quick edit to add:  As of this morning, the store locator on shows no locations for Omaha, Nebraska.

Are you impressed so far?  What about the Saturday ad? 


2 thoughts on “CVS Ad 8/14/10

    • No doubt! My only guess is that where you live is not in their target market. (And whomever you spoke with had indeed not personally received any ads.) The ad is supposed to be online. Right now, this morning, they’re showing only the 107/Fort and 144/Maple locations open in Omaha, but those ads were not available yesterday morning. Since the “official” opening was Monday, my guess is they didn’t want to post that the stores were open till after the ceremony.

      And speaking of the ceremony, what did you think of what was said/shown on the news?


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