Weekly Dinner Deal 8/9-8/14/10

Oh, this is a good one!  You may recall my recent trip to Target when I got excellent grocery deals.  So, to take adantage of them, we had Herbed Roasted Pork Tenderloin, Roasted Potatoes and Salads.  Amazingly, the oven did not add to the heat issue that the weather brought this week, and the house smelled great.

My Target adventure yielded a FREE Hormel pork tenderloin!  I drizzeled a smidgen of olive oil on it and seasoned with s&p, garlic chives, dry herbs and seasonings.  Herbs were the dry variety, which I keep on-hand.  Roasted at 375 degrees for about 40 minutes, until it reached 175 on the instant-read thermometer.  I rinsed the potatoes and cut into 2″ pieces, tossed with olive oil and s&p, and roasted along with the pork.

I also got quite cheap mushrooms, which I tossed into a salad.  And garlic chives and a tomato from my garden were FREE. 

1.25# pork tenderloin FREE

2 Tablespoons olive oil .15

1 Tablespoon other herbs and seasonings .15

4 medium potatoes, 1# .25

romaine lettuce .75

mushrooms (2 from the package) .10

milk for 4, .40

Total for the meal:  $1.80.  There were no leftovers.


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