Weekly Dinner Deal 8/2-8/8/10

It’s been a week of trying to assemble school supplies and wardrobes, trying to finish the few house projects that remain, and volunteering.  Not much time for cooking.  But we did enjoy a nice budget meal of Grilled Teriyaki Pork Chops With Rice and Carrots, and Strawberry Shortcake for Dessert.

Pork chops were cut from a whole loin that was on sale last week, marinated in bottled teriyaki that was on sale with coupon (and a little garlic).  While the grill was fired up, I cooked some meats for next week’s meals.  Rice is always economical, and mine is made in double batches with extras for the freezer for quick meals.  Baby carrots were on sale, as well.  The big dessert splurge included the strawberries and shortcake cups, both Cheap at Aldi, and a bit of ice cream that was also on sale with coupon.

Pork chops, 1.75#, 2.78

teriyaki and garlic, .10

rice for four, .40

carrots, .50

strawberries, .40

shortcake cups, .66

ice cream, .08 (really!  .68 for a half gallon/8)

Total for the meal:  $4.92. We enjoyed the grillage.  It seems it’s been either too hot, too windy, or too rainy to grill on weekends.  Glad I cooked a bunch for the week.  The dessert was a nice treat, too!


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