CVS Opening Update — For What It's Worth

As I was driving past the CVS building at 144/Maple today, I noticed a couple of Budget rental trucks and a plethora of cars out front.  BINGO!  They’re doing something in there!  It’ll be soon….it’ll be soon.  After all, the sign blinks “open soon.”  Of course, me being me, I stopped and walked right in the open front door to ask when they’d be opening.

HA!  The floor isn’t even finished, there are no shelves, and the lights weren’t on.  Waaaay in the far corner there was a meeting going on, so I quietly and slowly backed out of the building and schlepped back to my hot car.  I guess the rentals were to haul tables and chairs.

I thought it might be an employee training meeting, but then I looked at the cars and trucks, and folks, I think it was a punchout meeting — a sit-down with all the construction and management folks to go over what still needs to be done on the building.  That’s my guess, having worked in commercial real estate development for several years. 

So where does that leave us, the deal-hungry, the Wags-weary, the cost-opressed of Omaha?  I have no idea.  Had it not been so hot, and had I not realized the heat made me slightly edgy, I would have strode right in and asked them.  (Seriously, I’ve done that kind of thing before.)  But I really wish they would answer one email, list something for the zip code locator on their site, or distribute a press release already.  This is not the way to make friends here.


2 thoughts on “CVS Opening Update — For What It's Worth

  1. These are the confirmed locations I am aware of: 144/Dodge, 84/Dodge, Galvin Road and Harlan Drive in Bellevue, 108/Fort, 72/Maple, Millard Ave/P, possibly 84/Center. Lots of rumors, none are open yet, new opening is said to be in August, but WHO KNOWS?!


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