Awesomeness In My Freezer

This has been a good cooking week.  In anticipation of a big shift in work hours, I have been stocking up on prepared meals, ingredients, and extras to make our lives easier.  I’ve had two “cooking days” this week, but they were really just about two hours each.

The first was Chicken Cooking Day, using boneless skinless breasts purchased on sale last week for $1.33/#.  I used two 3# bags, and made:

Holly Clegg’s Chicken Caesar Casserole from “Trim & Terrific Freezer Friendly Meals,” which is in the Omaha Public Library — We had this for dinner, and I’d hoped for leftovers, but, alas, there were none.

Pacific Chicken, a twist on a proprietary recipe I got from a previous job — This uses chicken, chicken broth, lo so soy sauce, onion, red pepper, ginger, garlic and pineapple; a Crock Pot dinner for the freezer.

Crispy Rice Chicken for the freezer

America’s Test Kitchen Spicy Picnic Chicken for the freezer

Then I had Ground Meat Cooking Day.  I found a bunch of ground meats (turkey, beef, sausage, Italian sausage) and made:

Turkey burgers — We had these for dinner.  Turkey, chopped onion, Montreal seasoning

Turkey meatballs — turkey, chopped onion, Italian seasoning; cooked in non-stick electric fry pan, then frozen

Pizza Burgers — My own recipe for stuffed beef/Italian sausage burgers, for the freezer.

Taco Beef for the freezer

2 breakfast casseroles made with browned sausage, shoestring fries, sour cream, a little cream of mushroom, cheese and eggs.

Each session took only about two hours, but I’ve done this before, and knew how to plan and organize my time.  Chop vegs first.  Separate by the dishes they’ll be used for.  Work with one kind of meat at time.  For the chicken breasts, since I knew they’d be different sizes, I separated them out first, then refrigerated in batches.  While one thing is cooking, mix or chop another.  Have your containers out, and labels prepared beforehand.  Make sure you have room in the fridge for cooling and in the freezer for storing.

It feels sooo good to have a bunch of meals ready to thaw and fix.  There’s eight just from these sessions, but many more I’ve been “doubling up” lately.

Not sure what’s next.  I’ll have to see what I get on sale in the coming weeks.  And, of course, I still have plain chicken breasts and beef on-hand for grilling!

Share your thoughts, ideas and comments!

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