Weekly Dinner Deal 7/5-7/11/10

“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…”  Yeah, right.  Maybe after next week, the hub-bub will cease and desist.  Maybe special diet needs will expire.  Maybe the house will paint itself.  Then school will start again, of course.  This week, as a quick-fix meal, we had Cheese-Stuffed Burgers, Corn on the Cob, and Vegs.

The burgers were a wonderful treat; we haven’t been having too much of these lately.  Got the beef for 1.18/# some time back, repackaged in 1.5# portions in Foodsaver bags, and pulled some out last week.  I made a ball out of each serving of beef, indented it, and added about an ounce of shredded cheese, .99 on sale; then I sealed the beef over the cheese and flattened the patties.  Kind of an inside-out cheeseburger.  Used the grill pan inside.

Corn was finally on sale 6/$1, so I steamed some in the microwave — dee-lish!

We had carrot chips on sale from the store and I had a golf-ball-sized tomato from my garden, the first of the year.  Yum!

lean ground beef 1.77

4 oz shredded cheddar .49

4 burger buns .12

corn on the cob .67

carrot chips .45

tomato FREE!

milk for 3 .30 (still 1.79 at Aldi)

ketchup, mustard, butter and salt (est.) .20

Cost for the entire meal:  $4 even.  Try to beat that at a fast food joint!  Fresher, faster, and hotter.  Most importantly, more nutrition and less cost.

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