Cheap Thrills Refrigerator Repair 104 — Honors Final!

“The fridge is fixed!  The fridge is fixed!”  I’m glad I called the pro, finally, because even Phil had a few “moments” in dealing with my appliance.  But he did his job — well — and I have no worries.

Phil was just getting started when I got home from work yesterday.  We’d deduced the problem already, so he had a few parts that might need replacing, and a small case of tools.  (I usually need the full-value tool assortment we have in various states and places around our garage, so right there he won.)  He checked out the situation after having #1 put most of the food in a cooler, and did what I expected: replaced the fresh food compartment temperature control while I watched sporadically.  As expected, the part was about $85.

It was an easy concept, and I probably could have done it myself if I’d known for certain that the switch was the problem.  But I wasn’t certain, and since things were being opened and replaced, I thought I should get someone who knows what he’s doing….Phil.  The removable unit did pose a few problems in removing the individual parts, so I let him deal with that. 

Badda-bing, badda-boom!  We have cool-age again.  An hour, a few well-placed investment dollars, and trust in the pro.  We did discuss the gasket replacement, and he agreed it probably was a good idea that I did that.  He told me how to address one little issue with that. 

I had been thinking that if the fridge was irreparable, I would head on down to the Furniture Mart and get me a new one to take advantage of the Energy Star appliance rebate that started yesterday.  That would have been perfect timing, even though I would have had to stand in close-to-unbearable lines and shell out even bigger bucks for the privilege of the rebate on a new appliance.  Let’s see….  $144 for a repair, or $700 for a new one.

I will not be taking Fridge 200 courses, I hope.  This has been a good enough learning experience, but I don’t want to repeat it.  For a while, I’ll stick to my school of thought on home matters.

Home Depot Improver


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