Cheap Thrills Refrigerator Repair 103

*SIGH!*  One minute I’m Queen of the Fridge, and the next, I’m a lowly peon again.  But the Royal Repair Guy is coming next week to fix what the Queen chooses not to address herself. 

The door gasket repair did result in one fix: the cool air stopped leaking out, and the temp inside the fridge was consistent from shelf to shelf.  But it still wasn’t as low as it should be.  I had something partially blocking the freezer vent to the fridge, so I moved that, and rearranged the fridge.  That helped a little.  I discovered a little frost on the freezer coil at the return air opening, so I manually defrosted the whole shebang, but that didn’t improve the problem.

The problem still continued to be that the temp control switch would stop working.  When I switched it off, then back on, I could hear it engage, and could feel the cold air streaming into the fridge.  After a short time, it would stop and not open up again.  No clicking sounds, no chunks of ice on coils, no non-stop running.  Not good.

A call to Phil, who used to work for Radiosmith, and who has been here to handle another stubbornly errant appliance, was informative.  We verbally walked through what I’d already done, and he thinks, before looking at it, that indeed the problem is likely a faulty temp control switch.  I happen to know that the part is going to run about $85, plus Phil’s fee.  Ain’t no way I’m dealing with electronic parts myself — that’s not my forte.  Plus, I don’t think I have a long, skinny hex head driver to get up there to get those screws out. 

Phil offered a FREE temporary fix till he can get here:  I stuck a smaller screwdriver into the vent to keep it open.  (A pencil wouldn’t fit through the vent cover.)  It sits snugly in the vent, holding it open.  The only potential problem is that it could let in too much cold air and freeze what’s in the fridge.  As of a little while ago, my fridge temp sits politely at about 33 degrees on all shelves after sitting all night in this state.  Woo-Hoo!  I heard the freezer fan turn on, and sure enough, felt the cold air flowing where it should.  This will hold me, I hope, until Tuesday.

Yes, Tuesday.  Another four days till this can be addressed by the professional.  At this point, I don’t know for sure if something is faulty.  The gasket, sure, I knew for positive.  But this stuff is beyond my ability, so it’s time for the pro.

One needs to know when one must delegate these chores to handle more pressing issues.  And if this doesn’t work, “Off with their heads!”  (The appliance parts, of course.)

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