Cheap Thrills Refrigerator Repair 102

The new fridge door gasket came in.  Woo-Hoo!  It was the right size, just what I ordered.  However, it doesn’t look like the original part.  Okay, so replacement parts are just that, and they often are a little different.  I’m cool with that (pardon the pun), as long as it does its job.

So the first order of business was removing the old gasket.  I couldn’t see any screws, and that worried me.  Was there an adhesive situation ahead?  But a rough tug on the old one, and it pulled right out of its channel.  Ten seconds.  Now to fit the new one in.  Push it into the channel.  Well, one corner was giving me fits, so I removed it, turned that to the top, and started with the corners this time.  A whole two minutes!

The only tool I used was a plastic scraper to tuck the excess cover plastic into the groove to make it look pretty.  And, okay, I used the big screwdriver to level the legs better, so the door closes more tightly.

VOILA!  I gotta tell ya, if I’d paid for some guy to come out and do this, I’d have been royally miffed! 

I just hope that’s that.  The door is closed with a big “Do Not Open Till Tuesday Morning!” sign on it.  (And, of course, it got opened before “someone” saw the sign.)  But I did have to go in to grab something for dinner; the temp had dropped about 4 degrees!  I really, really hope there isn’t a thermometer issue, or some similar motorized part thingie that needs to be replaced.  Because that could confuse me.  But I do know the gasket needed to be replaced, and at least I saved some dough doing that myself.

Stay tuned for a final recap on this.

Home Depot Improver


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