$80 Per Week in 2010 — Week 23

I’m on a mission this year: spend $80 or less per week on groceries for my family of four! After reconciling all our expenses for 2009, all the while remembering the splurges during a special family celebration and replenishing of food storage, I realized I could and would do better in 2010. With the skills I’ve obtained, and the deals on some web sites I’ve discovered, “I hereby pledge to lower my food budget this year!”

What to do with grocery needs and little time?  PRICE MATCH!  That’s what I did this week, except for an early trip to Aldi for milk (still 1.79).  I was able to PM some great deals at No Frills, and I’m done!  This takes me to the middle of the year (I know!!!  I can hardly believe it, either!), and I feel terrific about my grocery spending.  Remember, now, that I have one female adult, one male adult, one male teen (aka eating machine), and one nearly-tween.  Because I found I no longer had leftovers, or sometimes even enough to get the guys through the evening without snacks, I’m on a learning curve to double the recipes I’ve been cutting down all these years.  It’s a new way of thinking for me, but I’m getting there.  I’ve even been scouring garage sales for larger pans.

Last week for just food I spent $69.14  — well below my weekly budget.  This puts me at $149.05 under budget for the year!  With some unexpected financial challenges recently, it’s nice to know the grocery budget is under control.  (Nearly $600 in car repairs/maintenance, and a looming $4,000 for house repairs are the current nemesis-es [nemeses?].)  Anyway!  Here’s where I spent my cash this week:

Aldi:  4.87 for milk and CHOCOLATE.

No Frills:  $64.27 for a HUGE cartload of good foods.  Aside from some list items (to complete recipes), I got great deals on NF prices and PMs, mostly all with coupons.  Off the Bone lunchmeat 3.49 – $1 manuf insert coupon = 2.49.  Our Fam canned vegs 2/$1 – $1.50/6 OF coupon HERE = .25 each!  Pork butt roast for my bbq craving 1.49/#.  Orville Reddenbacher popcorn $2 – .75 manuf coupon = 1.25.  Bar S bologna 1.29 – $1/2 = .79 each.  Quaker Life cereals 1.48 – $1/2 manuf insert coupon = .98 each.  Romaine lettuce .99.  Yellow squash .99/#.  Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Trix 1.69 – $1, .55, and $1/2 coupons = great deals!  Our Fam shredded cheeses .88.  Grimmway baby carrots .88.  5# russet potatoes .99.  Roberts gallon milks 1.69 – .50 manuf insert coupons = 1.19 each.  Betty Crocker fudge brownie mix .75 each.  It was a great shopping trip!  And I was done in plenty of time for what I’d planned.  I also got some great deals on paper goods, but that’s not included in the food budget.

IT’S HALFWAY THROUGH THE YEAR — how are you doing on your grocery budget v. actual spending?  Let us know.



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