The Low Cost Of Weight Loss Revisited Again

You may know that a while back, I lost 25 poundsduring the Holidays — by pumping up my workout routine and eating for weight loss.  I did that at Curves for Women, increasing my strength and using the Curves Weight Management Plan. 

I went in three to four times per week, for half an hour each time.  In 30 minutes I got a super workout for strength and aerobics.  I sweated;  I got on with my day.  My energy boosted through the roof, and I felt feel great!  The eating was easy: I ate how I needed to during the day, and in the evening made Curves-recommended meals, adding a starch for the rest of the fam.  NINE pounds the first week, ladies, and that’s the truth!  The rest shed consistently.

I am thrilled to report that I have kept that 25 off!  By working out three times per week, 12 times per month, at Curves, and watching my eating habits, it’s been easy-peasy.

So how is this thrifty?!  It is a very reasonable monthly fee, and I find myself going almost every day, for stress management, mostly, and to get away for a half hour.  For about $35, I get as many workouts as I wanted (12-18) per month, a group of supportive women, and Me Time.  Encouragement.  Understanding.  Referrals to contractors, doctors, and other resources!  It was the best investment I’ve ever made, and it’s an investment in myself, my health, and my well-being.

I encourage you to just try Curves — for a week, or sometimes a longer trial membership (which is how I joined).  The Weight Management sessions are FREE, and workout membership is really, really reasonable.  And it’s a girls-only facility!  Get more info HERE, or stop in at your local Curves.  Ask about the current special, because it changes often, and could be better than a free week.


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