$80 Per Week in 2010 — Week 17

I’m on a mission this year:  spend $80 or less per week on groceries for my family of four!  After reconciling all our expenses for 2009, all the while remembering the splurges during a special family celebration and replenishing of food storage, I realized I could and would do better in 2010.  With the skills I’ve obtained, and the deals on some web sites I’ve discovered, “I hereby pledge to lower my food budget this year!”

I have to say, using cash is the best incentive for staying within my budget.  There have been a few times when I’ve held my breath, but with the exception of one week, I’ve stayed under my $80 all year.  And that one week overage was okay, since I used cash saved from previous weeks, AND I got lots of items for the food pantry using that extra overage.

This week for just food I spent $57.05 — well under my $80 budget.  (This puts me at $185.85 under budget for the year!)   Awesome.  I report that my teen has a healthy appetite.  I am adjusting my cooking and shopping habits to accommodate this, but found our cupboards pretty low one day this week.  Low on what I’d planned, but we made do with other vegs and such.  And I’ve discovered for the milks, one week at three and one week at four gallons will alternate nicely.  So where, exactly, did my dollar go this week?

BagNSave:  I combined loss leaders with web and manufacturer’s coupons for some great deals.  OF 24 bottled water (for lunches and quick-gos) 2.77 – .25 Q = 2.52; Hershey bars .59 – BOGO manuf Q = .30 each; large doz eggs .77 x multiples; Mission tortillas caseras 1.49 (like these better than the flour for the same ad price elsewhere); Village Hearth light whole wheat buns 1.79 – .25 BnS Q = 1.54; MaltOMeal frosted mini wheats .77 – .75 Q = .02; Shasta canned pop in the clearance area 3/$1 – .50/6 = .25 each; bananas (not on sale); oranges .88/#; Dixie cup refills 1.85 – .50 Q = 1.35; Cascade action pacs 3.99 – .50 Q = 3.49; OF laundry detergent 1.97 – $1 Q = .97; and LOTION TISSUES (not a Cheap Thrill, but very much needed).  Also got my .05/bag credit.  $13.06

Aldi:  Milks are still 1.79/gallon, frozen vegs are .95/#, 34.5 oz coffee is 4.99, and 3# rice is 1.49.  Most importantly, CHOCOLATE is 1.29 for the large dark bar.  I got the basics and produce here, as well as some steaks for grillage.  $36.87 total on 2 trips

SuperTarget:  I just stopped in to zip through produce, meat and frozen.  $7.14

Right now I have so many chicken breasts in my freezer, it surprised even me.  Some other this and that, but not as full as it has been.  So I’m going to have to find meat bargains again real soon.  Working 9-1 M-F does put a crimp in my deal-getting, though, as most meat deals are to be found in the mid-a.m.  But I shall carry on, and find ’em somehow.

Looks  like we’re  in for an early crop of vegs, and lettuce is already showing up darker and crisper than this time in previous years.  All that moisture from snow and winter storms.  Funny how nature works that out.  I can’t wait for more fruits — I’m seeing strawberries at .99/# all over!

Where was your best deal this week?


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