Weekly Dinner Deal — 4/19-4/25/10

Crazy eating week for us!  Birthday party, Pinewood Derby, birthday dinner, then some days with the guys gone camping and me at another party.  So the Weekly Dinner Deal was, again, chicken — we had Chicken Breasts, Garlicky Green Beans, Salads and Twice-Baked Potatoes for the guys.

The chicken got tossed onto the non-stick grill pan with Montreal steak seasoning — easy peasy.  The green beans were nuked, then tossed w/a tiny bit of real butter and chopped garlic.  Salads were romaine, tomato and  green onion.  The twice-baked were pulled from the freezer for the guys.

Chicken 2.55 (a tad over 1.5 # @ 1.67/#)

Green beans .34 + .05 for butter and .05 for garlic = .44

Salads .50 + .20 for tomato and .10 for green onion

Twice-baked potatoes (calculated by MasterCook) for three .87

Milk for three .30

Total for the meal was $4.89.  I know: “Again with the chicken!”  But this week, this was the Deal Meal!  We had Pizza Burgers for the birthday boy, and that’s a special splurge.  The lentil soup was just a reheat and has already been a Weekly Dinner Deal.  And my eating alone does not make a family meal.  I promise that even though we will most likely eat chicken next week, too, it won’t be the Weekly Dinner Deal.

However, I would like to point out that this just goes to show that chicken is very versatile, tasty, and nutritious.


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