Weekly Dinner Deal — 3/29-4/4/10

Ouch!  A hand injury ain’t no fun, especially for someone who likes to cook and counts on it to keep the budget down.  “The unfortunate gardening accident” left me left-hand-challenged for the week.  But!  I was still able to enjoy a very frugal meal, courtesy of #1, on Friday.  Yes, Good Friday is usually pretty Spartan around here, so it is naturally a low-budget meal.  But this one was nutrition-packed, as well, and thrifty!  We had Pan-Grilled, Fresh-Caught Trout, Brown Rice and Garden Salad.

At #1’s school this week, they had an activity called “interim,” which is a new concept to me.  He attends a private college prep school, and they don’t have staff or flexibility for a lot of non-prep electives offered in other schools.  So, each year, they have three days of alternative classes with guest teachers, in such things as cooking, drama workshop, movie-making, and fishing.  My son naturally chose fishing.  Which was convenient, since we usually have fish on Good Friday.  Two trout made it home (dressed!) for dinner, but I had some pollock in the freezer to up the ante. 

#1 pan-grilled the trout, after seasoning inside and out.  We deboned them and each got a half.  The pollock went in the oven after the Easter lamb cake came out, and brown rice was cooked on the stove.  Salad (Aldi, .39) went in bowls, and the table was set.

Trout FREE (Thank you, Mr. Masters.)

Pollock 1.25# x 1.69/# = $2.11

Rice .44 (half a batch for dinner; another half went in the freezer)

Salad .39 with dressing apx. .20

Milk  for three .30

no dessert

Total for the meal for four:  $3.44

The boys decided they don’t like trout.  Too fishy, too boney.  I thought it was some of the best trout I’ve had in a very long time, but it did have an unusual amount of tiny bones, which I was not used  to.  This is why boneless fish filets cost a small fortune, and why fish in restaurants is pricey, too.  They get it.  And they get Good Friday.

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