Interesting Costco Article

I caught a glimpse of an article in Family Circle while waiting for the barber (yes, a real barber) to finish my son’s cut.  It was called “The Cost(co) of Doing Business,” and looked at the strategies they use to elicit purchases.   I found it here later.

This is a well-done  article, and he hits on the reasons I find it personally unnecessary to own a membership in a warehouse club.  Ultimately, he is satisfied with his ways of purchasing and using his membership, and that’s great for him.  But I found it interesting that a few days after finding this article, a lady I know was expressing the same issues with a different conclusion.  So I shared the article, and I share it now with you.  It’s interesting reading.

I find I can get better deals with sales and coupons (and I enjoy it far more), than we ever hoped to get when we had a membership to Sam’s Club.  I think maybe one year of several we made up the cost of the membership, and it was always a reduced price b/c of DH’s company rate.  When I was cooking for others, I went there several times looking for deals on containers, produce, meats and office supplies.  I could almost always find better deals elsewhere.

The gas prices, however, were unbeatable, although not worth the cost of a membership and the out-of-the-way location.

Here in Omaha, we’re privileged to have Sam’s and Costco options.  What have been your experiences with them?  What’s your favorite thing about warehouse clubs?

Share your thoughts, ideas and comments!

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