Easter Lamb Cake

“I am my own kuchenmeister.”  This year, as almost every year, I made an Easter lamb cake and decorated it all up before it gets devoured.  Cake around here is a rare treat, and this one is especially yummy because it looks just adorable.

It’s a tradition in DH’s family to have this 3-D cake, so naturally I received a lamb cake mold as a gift in the early years of our marriage.  It’s a Wilton pan set, and is incredibly easy to use if you follow the instructions.  It comes out in one solid piece, frosts up really nicely, and is versatile enough for breads, cakes, and frosted wonders.

I used to use a star tip to make it look all perfect-like.  But that hurt my hands too much, and was very time-consuming.  So I started frosting it with a butter server knife, which serves as a tiny spatula, and fluffing that when done.  It’s a pretty effect, especially after the jelly beans go on to make the face.  This year I planned to use  cool new toy I got from Pampered Chef and love, but then  “the unfortunate gardening accident” nixed that.  The result you see is a one-handed wonder!  The whole thing was done with my left hand out of commission in a splint, although I have use of my fingers (hence this typing).

Thanks to DH for the pic!


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