Weekly Dinner Deal — 3/15-3/21/10

Aaaaaahhhhhhh!  A week to breathe!   Much fewer activities, distractions and demands.  This is what living is about: focusing on what matters most, not scurrying around for the demands of the world.  In honor of this, I took some time this week to get back to cooking for the occasion.  This week’s occasion, of course, was St. Patrick’s Day!  On the menu was Irish Pub Beef Stew, Whole Wheat Biscuits, and Fruit Pies.

Ingredients for the stew include:

1 1/2 lbs beef, cut into chunks 
1/4 cup butter
1 (10 1/2 ounce) can tomato soup
1 (10 1/2 ounce) can water
4 carrots, cut into chunks
4 large potatoes, cut into chunks 
2 stalks celery, cut into chunks
4 onions, cut into chunks
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon black pepper
1/4 cup fresh parsley, chopped fine
1/4 cup good quality cooking sherry
2 bay leaves

The lot went into the Crock Pot in the morning and became a wonderful dinner for us.  I used some bits of frozen, cooked leftover beef, so the cost came down.  Cost according to Master Cook was $5.25, which fed four for dinner (3.50), plus two for lunch.

The whole wheat biscuits were the deal I got at No Frills last week, cooked up and frozen, then heated for dinner.  (This is the best way, imho, to take advantage of a sale on refrigerated items like this that are short-dated.)  They were served with butter and honey.  Total for these was $1.50.

The fruit pies were the new Banquet item, and were FREE when I purchased chicken pot pies for lunches.  The pies went in the oven a half hour before dinner.  I had decaf tea with mine, and the cost for that was about .03.

Milk for the guys was .30.

Total for this St. Patty’s Day meal:  $5.33.  Okay, so not under $5, but we’ve had other meals this week that were, and for a good, filling celebration, this’ll do ya.

I also got into the spirit of the holiday (DH is almost half Irish, after all), and we ate in the dining room.  Here’s the tablescape, which also reflects Springtime, with the animal activity in our yard right now.

St.  Patrick's Day Table


These creatures (the live version) are all over the place!  During the long winter they left their “gifts” all over the yard, and the rains have not dissolved them.  These guys are the closest bunnies will get to our table!  The thing about the rabbits is that they didn’t eat any of the vegs we left out for them, but they sure chewed up the potted plants, and are now feasting on the emerging bulbs!  ARGH!

“Okay, you waskally wabbits!”  I have a call in to the pest control guy.  Your warren will soon be removed from under the air conditioner unit — yeah, I know where you live!

Anyway, we didn’t eat the rabbits; we ate the stew, biscuits and pies.


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