Weekly Dinner Deal 3/8-3/14/10

Ole!  With overlapping dinners almost every night this week, I’ve planned several Crock Pot meals, incuding this one.  Difficult planning is easier with Crock Pot Mexi Chicken, Tortillas and Apples in the Crockette.

A week or so ago, I picked up chicken quarters at Target, all-natural Gold-N-Plump family pack (64 oz) for 4.99 less $1 coupon — this comes to $1/lb for some of the best chicken available, imho.  These went into the freezer, then were thawed and popped into the Crock this morning.  These seven quarters will provide two generous meals for our family. 

At lunchtime, I drained the chicken, skinned the quarters, added one packet of taco seasoning and two packets of water, and let it cook further.  I also sliced the apples and put them in the Crockette with a shot of juice.

About an hour before serving, I deboned and shredded the chicken and added slices from one red pepper (.98 on sale, sliced and frozen).

I also cooked up a cup of brown rice with water, and pulled out from the pantry the whole wheat tortillas purchased for .99 recently, and sliced up a lime.

Mexi Chicken: chicken 3.99 (sale) + taco seasoning .39 (Aldi) = 4.38 /2 = 2.19 for the meal

peppers .98 (sale)

rice .44

tortillas .99 x 2/3 = .66 (sale)

lime .20 (sale)

milk for 3 .30 (Aldi)

apples .20 (Aldi)

Total for the Meal:  $4.97, with enough chicken for another dinner, not included in this total


Assembly was easy at dinner time:  heat the tortillas, add some shredded meat and peppers, fold over, and serve alongside rice with a slice of lime to squeeze over the tortillas.  Tasty, zingy, and full of nutrition.  Just what we need for yet another busy night.

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