Weekly Dinner Deal – 3/1-3/8/10

This is a crazy,  nutty, abominable-schedule week.  And I’m being nice about it.  I sure am glad I menu plan, especially during weeks like this.  This week’s Dinner Deal is a quick-fix, flavorful plate that beckons Spring.  (And how we’ve waited for Spring!)  The menu is Lemon Pepper Chicken, with Buttered Whole Wheat Noodles and Green Salad.

The chicken was purchased marinated, four 5-ounce breasts for $2, from Target a couple  of  weeks ago and frozen.  These thaw in the fridge, then pan-grill in about 10 minutes on the stove.  Also at Target, last week, I got Ronzoni Healthy Harvest whole wheat wide noodles for .64 each bag; we use half a bag per dinner.  I butter these lightly and season with S&P.  Salad greens were 1.69/bunch at BagNSave today, and they get washed and stored for the week.  A little dressing (each has his own preferred bottle), and it’s done.


Chicken $2.00

Buttered noodles .38

Salad for four with dressing .47

Milk for three .34

I’m thinking a light dessert of peaches (frozen) and a teeny scoop of butter pecan ice cream (.99/half gallon) might be nice after this.  Peaches were free, and ice cream adds about another .24.

Total for dinner for four, with dessert = $3.43.

Fast on the table, easy on the wallet.  Light and fresh, just like the weather this week.  Hmm, I may have to wear pastels!

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