Weekly Dinner Deal – 2/14-2/20/10

This was a whirlwind week!  Flexy-bendy plans, dinners that oopsed!, and my still not feeling up to par.  Still,  we did what the frugal do, and made it work.  The menus were what you’d expect for Ash Wednesday and Lent, but this one was a Thursday winner: Crocked Chicken Breast Surprise, with Peas and Rice.  It was a crazy morning and I reached into the cupboards….

I used half a bag of frozen chicken breasts (on sale 4.99/3#), tossed in the last can of cream of mushroom soup, added a packet of Italian dressing mix, and let ‘er go on low; I turned it to warm about 2 hours before dinner.  I also pulled out a bag of cooked brown rice from the freezer to fridge, along with a bag of frozen peas.  Putting it together in the evening was easy-peasy (pun intended)!  Warm the rice, nuke the peas, set the table.  Here’s how this totalled:

Chicken breasts 2.50 sale
Soup .49 Aldi
Dressing mix .39 Aldi
Brown rice .44 reg BnS price of .91/#
Peas .88 sale
Milk for 3 .30 reg Aldi price

Total for the meal for four:  $5.00

When I know my afternoon-into-evening is going to be rough, I turn to my Crock Pot.  My prep time is shifted, and I am, ummm, less harried/nuts/screaming, at the dinner hour.  And I know this sounds corny, but it really works: I turn on some Mannheim Steamroller to readjust my ‘tude and chillax.

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