Weekly Dinner Deal – 2/8 – 2/13/10

The heaviness of impending Valentine’s chocolates dictated this week’s Dinner Deal.  Broccoli Quiche with Green Salads was a clear front runner because it’s vegetarian, light, creamy, and serves as a comfort food in this still-20-degree weather.  Plus, it’s really, really budget-friendly.  I got the base recipe here, but changed it significantly to suit our tastes.

Broccoli Quiche:  2 cups broccoli purchased on sale at .88; one rolled pie crust purchased on sale, with coupons, .40 (yup, just .76 per box of two); 5 eggs on sale at .88/dozen, .37; 2 cups shredded cheese on sale at .99; 1/3 cup light mayo, .99/32 oz = .17; 1/3 cup milk .04; 3 green onions, on sale this week, .25.  Total = $2.85!

Green salads for 4 = .96

3 milks = .30

Total for dinner for four = $4.31.

My guys call this “eggy pie,” and love it.  I mix it up with different ingredients sometimes, like a little leftover ham or bacon, or some chicken and garlic.  I recently started making it in the 2-quart, straight-sided casserole dish recommended by Kraft, and it turns out much better than when it’s made in a standard pie plate.  After 8-10 minutes’ rest, it slips out for easy cutting.  The recipe says this serves six, but it serves four for dinner in my home.

I got several Pillsbury pie crusts on various sales with coupons at the first of the year, and they live in my freezer, awaiting fun applications.  This box still had the .99 sticker on it, and I remember the deal, still smiling — score!   I will turn some into desserts, some into chicken pot pies, and some into pocket meals for lunches.  Sweet!

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