Weekly Dinner Deal 1/25 – 1/31/10

This week’s Dinner Deal is a standard go-to for any family.  I make mine homemade, never out of a box.  We hadn’t had Lasagne in a very long time, and the stars aligned to make this a budget meal.  With it I served Italian blend vegs, steamed lightly.

1 small box Skinner lasagne noodles, .89 on sale a long time ago
1 1/4 cans Hunt’s low sugar spaghetti sauce, .84 at Target a few weeks ago
12 oz Roberts small curd cottage cheese, .69 on sale w/coupon a few weeks ago and frozen (makes a smoother consistency for lasagne when thawed)
(forgot this earlier) 1 egg, .08
1# Honeysuckle White turkey Italian sausage, 1.49 on quick sale weeks ago and frozen
2 cups mozarella cheese, .99 on sale frequently, frozen
Total per serving (used 5 of 8 servings): .63 ($3.14 for this meal’s portions)

Italian blend vegs, $1 on sale a few months ago, kept frozen

milk for 4, .40

Total for the meal:  $4.54

We also have three lasagne servings left for lunches, and they are spoken for!


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