Weekly Dinner Deal 1/18-1/24/10

This week’s Dinner Deal comes to our family courtesy of some freebies and super coupon matches, as well as a great unexpected find.  Turkey Tenderloin, Twice-Baked Potatoes, and Peas will do nicely for a hungry family of four, with some leftovers.

The Honeysuckle White tenderloins were on quick-sale markdown for $3.99, and I like to have things like this on-hand for quick thawing and cooking.  These will feed at least six of our appetites (package says 7.5 by the ounces, but I know my family).  That’s .67 per serving.

The potatoes were FREE from No Frills, and last week I made up a bunch of twice-baked from what was left after our beef roast dinner.  The little butter, seasonings and cheese (as always, on sale) were minimal, let’s say .50 total, or .13 per serving.

The peas were a coupon deal last week, .53 or .13 per serving.

Milk for three is another .30.

Total for the meal:  $3.99

We’ll also have enough for slicing for sandwiches.  And, may I say, this is a relatively lean, highly nutritious meal.  The butter and cheese in the potatoes is minimal.  Double-whammy!


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