Weekly Dinner Deal — 12/14-12/20/09

This week’s Dinner Deal is a family favorite:  Bacon Chicken Rollups with veggie side.  Chicken breasts are pounded to even thickness, stuffed with a creamy-cheesy mixture, and wrapped in a strip of bacon.  With this I serve a veggie blend; this week we’re having Fiesta Style Vegetables (Meal-Ready Sides from Kroger/Baker’s).

My MasterCook program has already calculated the per-serving and total-meal cost for this recipe.  Let me add that the boneless skinless chicken breasts were a mere $.99 per pound, and the cream and pepper jack cheeses were just .99 each for the full packages (which didn’t get totally used).  The bacon was purchased at Aldi for a ridiculously low price (also didn’t get totally used).  I also socked away the veggie blends when on sale for .99.  Milk is still $1.47 at Aldi.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken recipe, $3.20
Side veggies, .99
Milk for 3 (water for 1), .30
Total for dinner for 4 = $4.49

To be honest, these are decadent!  When I find a deal on the chicken, I make up a few foil pans of these and pop in the freezer.  They thaw in the fridge for 24 hours, and cook up great on a week night.  The whole house smells wonderful!

Next week, because it’s a really busy Christmas week, I’ll have a super-simple Crock Pot recipe for budget-conscious families.


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