Weekly Dinner Deal 12/7-12/13/09

Every week, my family eats well.  Even during this most hectic month, with its last-minute surprises of the weather kind and the academic kind, we eat well.  Blessed with an abundance of “daily bread” in our freezers and pantries, we are able to fill our tummies with goodness even after the day has drained us.

So when those meals show up on the table for less than $5 for the four of us, I can’t help but do “the Mom dance.”  And to show you how it can be done on a regular basis, I’m sharing my Weekly Dinner Deals with you starting this week.  I’ll pick one real dinner from our weekly menu, and give you the breakdown on the cost for two adults, one teenage boy on a perpetual growth spurt, and a growing 9-year-old.

This week’s Dinner Deal is Teriyaki Pork Chops with Brown Rice and Asian Vegetables.

1.5# boneless center-cut chops on sale at BnS 1.98/# = 2.97
teriyaki marinade (about 1/2 bottle) at Aldi .99 = .50
1/4 bag premade and frozen on sale at Bakers .99 = .25
1 bag frozen  Asian Style Vegetable blend on sale at Bakers 1.00
water tonight (out of milk)
Total of this meal for four:  $4.72

When I found family packs of these chops at this price, I bought a few, divided them into meal-sized packages, and froze them.  I could have purchased the sirloin chops for 1.88/#, but we much prefer the center cut.  For a really frugal meal, you could make this with sale chicken thighs, boned and skinned.  I keep various marinades on hand through the summer, and this bottle of teriyaki survived, so I pulled it out, marinated the meat in a FoodSaver container for a few hours, and pan-grilled these gems.  I saved a little of the unused marinade to pour over the vegs.

Because it takes a while to cook brown rice, and is yukky to clean up, I make a large batch in the time it takes for a small one, and freeze leftovers in meal-sized freezer bags.  A while back I found what I considered a fair deal in the aisles of Bakers.  (Aldi doesn’t carry brown rice year-round, and when we’re both out, I scrounge for deals on this staple.)  Last week I made up the whole bag, and the leftovers went into an icy sleep until now.

A few weeks ago, Bakers had another of its 10/$10 sales on frozen vegs.  I used this opportunity to stock up on the less ordinary vegs that I cannot get for .77 or .88 during other sales.  This blend of green vegs with ‘shrooms and onions looked good, and was normally nearly $2.  I also packed the freezer with southwest blend and Italian blend vegs.

I don’t usually include dessert in the cost of dinner, especially at this time of year.  We are “gifted” several pounds (17.5 this year) of chocolate and treats each November.  These tide us over for several months (unfortunately).


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