Replenishing Your Freezer — Price Matching

When you’re replenishing your freezer and pantry after “eating down the freezer,” remember that it’s not an overnight process.  You want the most nutritious, best value foods at the least cost.  Different stores have different sales, but price matching can save you time and money in your effort to refill.

Price matching is a store policy that allows shoppers to get the lowest sale price of another store.  With this concept, you can bring the sale ads from several stores to one place, and the store will honor the lower prices.  When you’re replenishing, there’s no need to pay .80 for a can of tomatoes, say, when a store you don’t normally shop has them on sale for .49.  There are rules to price matching, though, so I’ll walk you through it.  But always check with your local store before your first price match trip, because your store may be different.  When you see those “coupon queens” on TV, this is usually how they do it, combined with coupons, etc.

So today I price matched at WalMart, which I don’t always do, to give you an example of how it’s done.  I have another post with lots of details about price matching in general.  Here, though, I’m going to use the remainder of my shopping list (after going to Aldi yesterday) to continue my weekly grocery shopping.  Now, I know that some of the items I want to price match are from HyVee, and I know that I’m going there for their 6 hour sale on Saturday.  So you’ll see how this plays into the process.  I also know that I pass two different BagNSave stores twice per day each, so I can stop in there if I really want a deal I can’t price match.  But I don’t want to do that this week.  That works out nicely as an example for you!

Here’s my remaining list, and what I got at WalMart in blue.  My family informed me this morning we’re out of cereal, so I’ve added that to the list, to see if I can get a deal.  (But they may have to eat eggs and oatmeal this week.)  I’m still way under budget for the week!

milk (1) skim 6-hr sale HV .99
bread S. Lee honey wheat .99 HV C
onions 1.88
potatoes 10# russet 1.98 BnS
fruit! bananas .29/# HV 6 hr sale
  Michigan apples 3# bags 2/$4 NF (.67/#) // WA Extra/Fancy Gala/N. Zea Jazz .79/# SS //Jonathan .99/# BnS  1.19/# Red  Delicious
   green grapes .99 FW   .96#
French bread (for garlic bread) .97
boneless whole pork loin .99/# FW (be your own butcher/lg qty); 1.57 BnS (smaller)
FLand boneless pork center chops fam pak 1.99 BnS (for convenience, or could buy and cut whole loin)
Hormel pork shoulder roast .99$ HV
whole pork butt .78 (pkg of 2) SS
Fish Market individual salmon portions $1 HV  4/3.99
beef sirloin tip 1.98/# SS (roast and slice for lunchmeat?) sold whole only?
store brand eggs .88 doz x 2 large Bak
store frozen OJ .88 HVCoupon Limit 1
Hunt’s spag sauce .88 SS (only get 4 this time) .84 x 4
HyVee 6 hour sale Sat 8-2
gal milk .99
bananas .29/#
FLand sausage 1# .99 (freeze)
shredded cheeses .99 8 oz.  (freeze)
store 1/2 gal ice cream 1.18 HV (store for holiday recipe)
cereal 1.88
Total:  26.63
Grand total including yesterday:  43.32

Note that I still haven’t gotten everything.  And I crossed some things off my list because I couldn’t find them, or they didn’t look good to me, or I found something better.  You can’t get every deal, and you have to make choices.  It’s not about having more food.  It’s about being properly prepared and preparing your food properly.  It’s about having what you can use, and using it wisely.

Happily, some items were lower priced than the loss leaders!  That’s usually the case when I price match.  All that remains this week is the HV 6 hour sale on Saturday.  Normally, I wouldn’t make the trip, especially on a weekend, but there are several great bargains.

I was in and out of WalMart in about 45 minutes, and that included walking clear across the store to get toothpaste and shampoo.  The paper, cleaning, health and beauty items I picked up weren’t included in the food cost (and aren’t included in my food budget).  I stuck totally to my list!  (That’s hard to do in WalMart.)  Everything’s put away, except for the whole pork loin, because I have to cut and package it into roast and chops tomorrow.


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