Replenishing Your Freezer — This Week’s List

To take advantage of the best loss leaders this week, I went online bright and early to make out my list.  Here’s what I have on my shopping list for this week.

I keep my list in the kitchen, and when we get low on things, we “put them on the list.”  It is a training process with any family, but my guys do pretty well.  Always at the top of a new list, automatically (since I learned the hard way): milks.  This week I see some items have been added already (yay!):  Swiss cheese, sandwich meat (but I crossed that off b/c I had some in the back of the fridge), bread, onions, potatoes, Caesar dressing, fruit, and French bread.  On the right side of my list are paper, cleaning and other non-food items like batteries; but for our purposes, we’re only focusing on groceries.

If I didn’t need to replenish my stashes, I’d only get what’s on my list, and I’d spend about $20.  We ate down our freezer, though, and I’m still (always) finding deals to fit our budget (I’ll use the make-believe $85 budget this week).  So I went to the sites I listed earlier, viewing the ads as well as the online coupons.  There are tons of great deals this week!  Some I will not take advantage of, though, b/c I already have plenty here, or b/c my family doesn’t eat them (like pears). 

milks (2) 1 or 2% and (2) skim – MeadowGold 1.97 gal SS — (1) skim 6-hr sale HV .99
chocolate (a weekly automatic)
Swiss cheese $2 BnS
brick cheese
lg. plain yogurt
bread S. Lee honey wheat .99 HV C
potatoes 10# russet 1.98 BnS
Caesar dressing 1.98 NF C
fruit! bananas .29/# HV 6 hr sale
  Michigan apples 3# bags 2/$4 NF (.67/#) // WA Extra/Fancy Gala/N. Zea Jazz .79/# SS //Jonathan .99/# BnS
   green grapes .99 FW
French bread (for garlic bread)
boneless whole pork loin .99/# FW (be your own butcher/lg qty); 1.57 BnS (smaller)
FLand boneless pork center chops fam pak 1.99 BnS (for convenience, or could buy and cut whole loin)
Hormel pork shoulder roast .99$ HV
whole pork butt .78 (pkg of 2) SS
Fish Market individual salmon portions $1 HV
beef sirloin tip 1.98/# SS (roast and slice for lunchmeat?) sold whole only?
store brand eggs .88 doz large Bak
store frozen OJ .88 HVCoupon Limit 1
Hunt’s spag sauce .88 SS (only get 4 this time)
HyVee 6 hour sale Sat 8-2
gal milk .99
bananas .29/#
FLand sausage 1# .99 (freeze)
shredded cheeses .99 8 oz.  (freeze)
store 1/2 gal ice cream 1.18 HV (store for holiday recipe)

Now I head to the store.  First stop, Aldi!  Why?  Because it is very near where my son goes to school, and I know some of their prices are likely lower than some of these loss leaders.  Aldi milk has been $1.67/gal for a few weeks, and the eggs can be as low as .79 in response to competition.  While I’m there, I compare prices and maybe purchase if the Aldi brand is lower-priced.  Aldi only puts out sales info for special purchases, and adjusts other prices regularly.  Here’s what I got today:

my chocolate
2 loaves oat bran bread @ 1.19 each
8 oz. chunk/brick cheese
sliced Swiss cheese 1.69 (saved .31 from BnS)
Caesar dressing 1.49 (saved .49 from NF)
yogurt 1.59
4 milks @ 1.69 (saved 1.12 from SS)
TOTAL:  $16.69 (if you exclude the chocolate, 15.40)

Now that I’m home, the weekly ads are in the mailbox.  I can clip the HV coupons to use there when I go to the 6 hour sale.  Tomorrow I’ll price match at WalMart, and we’ll see what deals we find!



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