Thrifty and Nifty

To finish some projects I’ve been working on a long time, I’ve been hitting thrift stores lately.  I’ve been very lucky to find things I’ve been looking for at a fraction of the price for something new that really didn’t fit the bill.  I haven’t browsed the clothing racks recently, but I’m due for that, especially with the kids outgrowing their jeans every week now!  

I’ve also been making do with the leftover materials and paints we have around the house.  I used  some leftover stain and sealer to take care of the new windows and trim.  Fortunately, I also had more than enough leftover paint to touch up.  A couple of years ago I purchased a mixer attachment for a drill, and that sure helped with the paint.  I found a leftover tube of caulk to seal up the trim on the windows.  And while I was able to reuse most of the window coverings, I did have to reconstruct the dining room panels and add more sheers.  (The windows have 6 5/8″ more glass space side to side, and 2.25″ more glass space in length.  I couldn’t reuse the blinds, but that’s okay.)

I had a second-hand dresser in the master bedroom filling in a long wall in the sitting area.  It’s been functional, with good bones, but in need of fixing up.  Using some rediscovered, unused, cream spray paint, I put on a few coats to freshen it up.  The handles are an old size, not easily found — but I did, for about $1 each, in a nice style and finish.  The old handles got Freecycled.  But the wall above the dresser had always been a blank space.  Nothing seemed to work.  Until I found, by chance, a hutch bookshelf at Goodwill.  It has the same lines and trim shape as the dresser, and was already cream, and only needed a touchup coat.  With the hutch on the dresser, it looks like one large piece of furniture, and lightens up the room.  The funny thing is that I’d thought about building a much more basic hutch, at twice the price.

I’m currently looking for two things at thrift stores or on Freecycle: a corner TV stand just the right shape and size; and just the right table for behind the couch with storage for my scrapbooking stuff.  I’m sure with patience and perserverance, I’ll find them.


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