Support Your Local Food Bank

A word about food banks.  Okay, two.  Please donate. 

These charities serve not only the homeless, the jobless and the down-and-out, but also your neighbors who have suddenly hit a rough patch and need temporary help to feed the family.  “There but for the grace of God go I.” 

I believe food banks are about more than just providing Thanksgiving turkey dinners.  Of course, this month they are collecting Thanksgiving dinner staples, and that’s important.  But it’s more than that.  It’s a go-to resource, a real hope, for families and individuals with unexpected or overwhelming circumstances.

Lately, I’ve noticed the collection trucks outside the stores I frequent, gathering contributions from the chains.  I am so happy to see this.  Sure, it means the deep discounts on short-expire goods may not be coming my way as much.  But just think of how many people can be fed with store donations!  I know how well I feed my family, and I’m glad other families are being helped.

Recently I was able to get Betty Crocker boxed potatoes at HyVee for .43 after coupons.  We won’t be eating them, but I know I can send them to Project Hope through a collection box at church.  Each month, Project Hope focuses on a particular set of items for the food bank, but any donation is always welcome.  I enjoy contributing food staples that I find for low cost, that someone else might use even though I won’t.

When peanut butter goes on sale for a buck (just last month), a few jars get set aside.  Tuna for .35, mac and cheese dinners for .25, dehydrated soups, canned meals like chili.  As food processors and manufacturers put out decent coupons again, it’s easier to find room in the budget for a few contributions.

Please consider helping your local food bank, too.


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