The Windows, Part 3

Okay, so the windows were due to be delivered to Lowe’s last Thursday.  I got a call from their very adept, polite and friendly install coordinator, saying that she just found out from Peachtree that the windows aren’t made yet.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.  All of a sudden, Peachtree “consolidated production lines” (translation: shut down a factory and sent the orders to another one) and everything is a week behind schedule.  I did not want this, and am not happy with it, but somehow I expected it.

While I was on the phone with the gal from Lowe’s, it was raining.  Hard.  And the rain was coming in the windows.  My telling her this does not make Peachtree magically *poof* the windows into the warehouse.  But it does alert her to the fact that I am desperate.  Indeed, I did get a call Monday with an update on ETA of the product.  AND!  Last night I was out, but DH took a message that Lowe’s called to say the windows were done, on the truck, and on-time for delivery tomorrow.  Well, well!

I must reiterate that the customer service from Lowe’s has been outstanding.  I tend to get frustrated (didja notice?), am easily exasperated, and jump to alternative solutions.  These people have tempered that, by staying on top of things and communicating relevant information to me.  So far, they have earned my trust; I hope that remains so throughout the project.  I feel comfortable and sure with their products and service.

So this delay sets me back on the painting and staining, trim caulking, and new window coverings.  The front porch trim also desperately needs painting, but we have to wait on that so that the paint matches the windows.  Looks like my October is going to be crammed with projects for both months.

To complicate window matters even more, last week we discovered carpenter ants (see related story).  They have chowed down on two windows and a wall of siding, and who knows what else inside the walls.  So, I first called then went down to Lowe’s to see about new kitchen and master bath windows.  Same Peachtree windows, same installer/carpenter, please.  No problem for Lowe’s!  Now I have a second “SOS order,” they call it, in and am waiting for that to process about three weeks.  But everyone knows this is not to delay the first install.  And, of course, the installer has a guy who can re-side, but that will have to be painted, too.

Oh,  the joys of home ownership!  These are unexpected costs for us, as we thought we could delay at least another year.  But, fortunately, we’re bendy, and will weather this storm of repairs.  Pun intended.


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