The Comfort of a Deli Baked Chicken

Today I forgot to put the chicken in the Crock Pot.  Okay, yesterday I forgot to thaw the chicken to put into the Crock Pot today.  *sigh*  It’s been a rough couple of weeks.  But I still wanted a nice, juicy, comforting chicken.  Besides, I’d planned to make a casserole Wednesday with the pickings.

As fate would have it, I had to run to BagNSave for something unrelated, and while I was there I saw the fried chicken special:  Cheap Chicken Monday.  Hey, that must mean ME!  It was 8 pieces of fried chicken (theirs is THE best), a salad and biscuits, I think.  I nice meal for $7.99 ($1/person).  But we’ve been eating far too much salt and fat lately, and I didn’t want the leftovers staring me in the face, y’know?  Right next to the fried stuff sat several beautiful, fragrant “baked” chickens for $5.99.  Based on my past experience, I figured, although it was pricey, I could get three meals from that, including tonight’s dinner, the casserole, and a nice soup later in the week.  Twelve servings, ultimately, for $6, or .50 per person.  So into the cart it went.

That past experience?  Fagedabaddit!  The current chicken is tiny, which you cannot tell from the package.  No weight, and the bottom is raised so the package looks bigger.  This little thing was delicious, definitely, and hit the spot for comfort food.  But as I picked it after dinner, I realized there was barely enough meat for the casserole, and all the meat came off.  In fact, it was baked so well that the bones had given up their ghost already, and would not be good for soup.  My 12-serving chicken had become an 8-serving bird.  (Still, that’s just .75/serving.)  And since I had to add my own sides to the first meal, I think it’s an even deal to the fried chicken.

Still, you just can’t beat a deli chicken for comfort food sometimes.  Peel the skin off to save fat and calories, and it’s still juicy as can be, and beyond tasty.  We heated some home-made bread in the oven while keeping the chicken warm, and served some nuked potatoes and veg with it.  Today, I needed comfort food.  And a fast meal.  Deli to the rescue!


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