The Attic: Phase 3

Ta-DAAA!  I’ve installed all the floor boards I’ve got, and screwed them down.  The jigsaw cuts went much more smoothly than I anticipated, and I only had to tote a board back down to recut once.  Yay!

The Week 4 tasks are yet to be done: remaining floorboards.  There is so much usable space up in the attic now, and when the rest of the insulation gets covered, it’s going to seem like we’ve tripled our storage space.  All that seasonal stuff, and things that just don’t get used, will go up in the attic.  The garage will be more manageable.

I’m thinking I can get the rest of the plywood with one more trip to the home improvement store, maybe the first week of November (because there’s no school next week and I can’t do this with kids in tow).  With proper planning for cuts, I might be able to carry these guys home in my Saturn with the back seat down.  Maybe just two boards at a time.

So for now, I’m done.  The sawdust is swept away, tools are cleaned off and put back, and the ibuprofen is doing its thing.  Three days to accomplish a 3-week list.  I’d say that’s progress!


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