The Attic: Phase 1

Phew!  I have such a start on the attic work, just after one day.  All for FREE so far, I might add.

This morning I was thinking, “With all the new construction going on around here, I wonder if those dumpsters have some scrap plywood.”  So, after dropping off #2 at school, I drove my little Saturn over to a site, climbed onto the ledge of a dumpster, and saw….[[angel music]]….the perfect piece!  It was muddy — real muddy — after all the rain, and I almost fell off a few times, laughing hysterically.  Then a very, very nice guy who was waiting for his site supervisor, came over, jumped in, and got the piece out for me.  In about a minute, it was loaded into the car.  Thank goodness for fold-down seats, move-up passenger buckets, and bungee cords.  That one piece yielded enough to finish the platform, add a temporary landing/storage spot, and more to fill in the small spaces later. $5 saved.

Pieces cut to size, I climbed into the attic and got to work with the insulation tape and Great Stuff foam.  FREE!  These were leftover from the summer’s basement insulation project.  Then leftover rigid insulation went in where insulation was missing, and the cut boards went down.

We had a large 48″ wide piece of ply up there, but I moved it over to the corner next to the platform, so that the flooring project could begin at one end and continue.  Makes for easier work progress.  I got rid of the empty computer boxes for a unit we no longer have, stacked the winter boxes, and rolled the bicycle over to the corner.  Ahh!  That’s better!

Another way I’m saving money is to not build the shelves.  I decided the boxes stack so nicely that shelves aren’t necessary.  There will be empty floor space to use as a staging area to take things down, so getting to what we need won’t be a problem.  That’s $50 saved.

I am tired and sore.  I tripped and fell, so I’ll have a nice large bruise under my right knee soon.  And I bumped my back more often than I thought I would on the sloped ceiling.  But the air leaks into the house are filled, and the storage situation is well on its way to improvement.

There were a few surprises.  Some of the gaps I had to fill were 1/2 inch wide, around the bathtub area of the hallway bathroom.  Well, no wonder the pipes and drain would freeze every winter!  Even when we dripped the faucet, the cold air was moving across the pipes, freezing everything in its path.  That shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

The insulation around the junction box for a garage light was not trimmed back!  Hello!  Fire hazard!  I fixed that in about 5 seconds.

Some cables and phone lines into the house went through joists, others over them, others around them.  Interesting construction, and it takes extra work to accommodate those things.

Overall, it was a very productive day.  I got through the entire Week 1 list, plus a lot of Week 2.  This project is well ahead of schedule!  Tomorrow: more floorboards, and replacing support beams.


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