Review: Holiday Inn KC NE

I don’t usually write hotel reviews.  But this one is necessary.  If you’re traveling to Kansas City to visit Worlds of Fun, you need to know this.

Planning our trip well in advance, I found a great deal for us.  The Holiday Inn on Parvin Road, right near Worlds of Fun had a “free breakfast” rate.  Kids eat free, so we could all have unlimited breakfast at no extra cost, which is quite awesome.  Still, it was pricey, but this was in our budget.  We’ve enjoyed Holiday Inns before, and even though I am or am not in the Priority Club depending on which way the wind blows the database, we have found great values.

Why I booked this hotel:

  1. free shuttle to Worlds of Fun
  2. great location near highway for easy access to the city
  3. previous positive experiences with Holiday Inn
  4. pool
  5. rate included free breakfast for all of us

When we checked in, right away we found that our room overlooking the entryway, on the second floor, came with an attached outside speaker playing loud music.  The desk guy turned it off right away, which was very thoughtful, and I told him unnecessary once we learned it would be turned off at 10 pm.  We thought we’d hit hotel gold.  We wanted to write rave reviews!

Until Sunday night.

We’d had a very full, active weekend, and just wanted to sleep well before heading back on Monday.  Imagine our dismay when, at 10 pm, a Cintas services truck pulled up under our window, revved up, and began steam cleaning the floors.  REALLY?!  Emergency, I thought, we’ll deal with it.  At 10:45, I was told they would be done in about half an hour.  I was told that, at this hour, on our third night, with all our stuff, we could pack up and they could move us (and we would still hear it).  At 11:45, I was told they were still working (sorry, I couldn’t hear that) and would be done “in a little while,” which was unspecified.  Do “service” people really think non-answers are a good thing?  Don’t they realize that it just makes the situation worse when they dish out BS?  No manager on duty, either, by the way.  Four calls to 800-holiday proved useless.

At 12:30, I went downstairs again (who could sleep?), and would not leave until I negogtiated a stop-work order.  They finally stopped for good at 1 pm.  There are so many parts of this story that disturb me, which I won’t share unless you really want to know and I know you (email me ).

My rating for this hotel is a 1 out of 5.  Stay away, unless you actually like staying up all night listening to a steam cleaner truck reverberating throughout your hotel.  Rating would be a zero, but it had some great things going for it.  Housekeeping was excellent!  No complaints there.  Room was good sized and worked well for us.  Shuttle employee was also running about doing lots of jobs, and was always friendly.  Pool and towels were great.  Breakfast was predictable, but really good, plentiful and available late.  But all it takes is one bad decision to ruin guests’ entire stay.

They did comp our room for that night, and at checkout I finally got an apology from the front desk manager.  (The day manager was off site, too!)  But the damage was done (literally) and I would have preferred to have the three hours of sleep I missed out on.


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