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Earth Day Omaha 2014

From our friends:

“The 24th Annual Earth Day Omaha, the city’s largest ecological showcase and celebration; will take place Saturday, April 19, 2014 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Elmwood Park.The free event features exhibit booths, children’s activities, demonstrations by local green organizations, plus live music from top local bands and food from area vendors. All activities are designed to educate and inspire attendees to live green and healthy at home and at work.”

More information at the Earth Day Omaha Coalition site.

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The Easter Bunny Is Here!

April 12

April 13

April 14

April 15

April 16

April 17

April 18

April 19

April 20

Photos with the Easter Bunny


Special thanks to Heather at Medical Solutions for always putting together great info for employees!

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Giving Back: Scouting For Food 2014

Today you will most likely receive a notice on your door about Scouting For Food. You’ll see it on the local news. You’ll see big ConAgra trucks in front of HyVee. Don’t ignore these reminders.

Boy Scouts don’t sell cookies. They do the heavy lifting.  They help the community through projects like Scouting For Food. This annual project helps fed our neighbors in need. Food goes to Food Bank for the Heartland, which in turn makes it available to agencies and food pantries (like Project Hope) in Nebraska and western Iowa.

I have personally seen these donations distributed to destitute families, laid off single moms, and even a far West Omaha widow waiting for life insurance payout. These are our neighbors, dear readers.

Please clean out your pantry, grab some grocery deals, or consider a $10 grab bag from HyVee to donate to Scouting For Food. They’ll pick it up from your porch next Saturday 4/12/14!

And don’t forget the Feinstein Challenge, which I believe will benefit FBFTH, as well. Your donation goes even further this week.

Help Scouts serve our community!

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Fish Fry Finder

For those of you looking for a good fish fry in your area…..

Fish Fry Finder!

You’re welcome. :)

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2014 Feinstein Challenge Is Underway!

Gosh, I almost forgot to remind you all!  This year’s Feinstein Challenge is already almost half over!  Yikes!

This is an annual $1 million food pantry giveaway held by the Feinstein Foundation.  Between March 1 and April 30 this year, Project Hope can receive matching funds for the value of food items ($1 per pound) and cash contributions.  The Foundation distributes $1 million proportionally to participating food banks.  Please donate!

While we all get “in the mood” to donate to food pantries around the holidays, sadly the need is year-round.  Project Hope serves the poorest zip code in Omaha with food, clothing and personal care items.  They are in constant need of our support.

The Feinstein Challenge provides a way to multiply the benefits of your efforts, by donating food or funds.  So while you’re doing your spring cleaning, or Passover purging, please consider donating your unopened food items to your local food pantry before the end of April to count toward the Challenge.

This week you can pick these up while doing your regular shopping:

Van Camp’s pork and beans .29 at HyVee
Our family toothbrushes $1 at Bag N Save/No Frills
Any and all freebies you pick up.  Large quantity detergents, softeners, etc. are portioned in recycled water bottles for distribution at Project Hope.

Thanks for the help you can provide to those in need in our local community.

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Yes, I know….

You’ve missed me.  I’ve missed you.  Life has kept me, mmmmm, “occupied.”  And honestly, the deals kind of dried up until recently.

Where are the double coupons?  Where are the awesome stacks?  It’s that time between holiday deals and fresh springtime produce.  Add to that the unrelenting pounding of sub-zero temps and above-average winds, and you have Omaha’s winter of 2014.

Can we get a break?  I once half-jokingly asked, “Who can I talk to about this weather?” to which my 5-year-old replied, “God.”  Okay, then, we’ve done something right.  But I digress.

The weekly grocery deal thing?  It’s not working for me.  I tried, but couldn’t make it work on a weekly basis.  Part of it is that delivery of my weekly ads is sporadic.  (And the online ads are not conducive to how I function.)  Sometimes they come on Tuesday evening (once on a Monday!), and sometimes on Wednesday late evening (once on a Thursday!), which doesn’t leave me a lot of time to peruse the deals and write it up before I have to do my own shopping.  Finding the coupons to match just isn’t working for me when I don’t live for the blog anymore.  And honestly, we’re eating less and less processed foods, so my radar isn’t up on many of the “deals.”

I hope to find and publish some great seasonal deals around Omaha this year.  Whether you’re new to the area, or just want to find new things around town, discounts and freebies are important.  Also, more reviews are in my plans.  Since we’re getting out and about more, I want to share my experiences with you.

We escaped last week to Orlando.  Stayed at a Disney resort for the first time, did three Disney parks, did Universal, and spent two full days in-transit. But getting away from the brutal weather was quite necessary.  Vital, in fact.  We were blessed to be able to get away on spring break.  High school for #2 starts in August, and this was the best time to go.  #1 could not be with us, sadly.  Anyway, I have some reports that may help you on your first or next trip there.

So look for more “stuff” here, just not the grocery deals, unless it’s a fabulous find that I have no excuse not to share.


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Save $10 On Omaha Zoo Membership Thru 3/30/14

From our friends at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium:

“Save up to $10 when you buy or renew your membership! Offer ends Sunday, March 30. For pricing information or to buy or renew, click here.
This summer, members can also enjoy discounted admission to Stingray Beach, an interactive exhibit featuring cownose and Southern stingrays that are waiting to be touched and fed by you.”

Open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Buildings close at 6 p.m. now through November 1.

Open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. November 2 through March 7. Buildings close at 5 p.m.

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Great Pizza Deal


Papa Murphy’s take & bake cheese, pepperoni or sausage medium size for just $5!!  SO THERE!

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Share the Love: Grocery PM Deals and *FPs 1/15/14

I’m mixing it up!  Instead of store-by-store deals, I’m going to list by product category.  I used to do this, and it became cumbersome when I was reporting “good” deals.  My list has gotten smaller, though, as these are the “best” local grocery deals I see — not all the deals out there.

So if you want to quickly find seasonal deals, stock up, or donate to your local food pantry, these will get you to a happy place.  These deals do include some processed foods that are requested by Project Hope, but they shouldn’t be consumed on a regular basis.  THEY ARE DESPERATELY IN NEED OF CEREAL RIGHT NOW.

*FP = potential food pantry donation.  Always need:  cereal, mac & cheese, boxed potatoes, peanut butter, canned tuna and chicken.



2# carrots .69 Aldi  *FP
8 oz mushrooms .99 Aldi
5# red potatoes .99 Aldi  *FP
Florida grapefruit .29 each Aldi
Del Monte bananas .29/# Aldi
Braeburn apples 5# 2.99 BagNSave Fri-Sun only (.60/#)  *FP
1# Dole baby carrots .88 Fareway  *FP



fresh whole chicken .99/# HyVee (see related article)
boneless pork shoulder roast 1.99/# HyVee
Jennie-O ground breakfast sausage chubs 2.50 HyVee – $1 insert coupon = 1.50
Jennie-O breakfast sausage links 1.50 Fareway – $1 insert coupon = .50
Jennie-O 2# pan roast 3.99 ($2/# prepared!) BagNSave



store half gallon orange juice .99 HyVee
store 8 oz sour cream .58 HyVee Coupon
Village Hearth 100% whole wheat bread 1.88 – .55 coupon HERE = 1.33
dozen large eggs .99 Fareway



store steamable vegs .88 HyVee Coupon
store French fries $1 Baker’s



M&Ms individual bags .50 HyVee Coupon – B2G1FREE insert coupon
store baking soda .29 HyVee Coupon
store pizza crust mix .29 HyVee Coupon  *FP
Jiffy corn muffin mix .39 HyVee Coupon  *FP
StarKist tuna .49 HyVee Coupon  *FP
Mrs. Grimes beans .38 HyVee coupon  *FP
store croutons .89 Aldi
store couscous 1.49 Aldi
Mission tortillas 17.5 oz $1 Baker’s
RedGold 15 oz tomato sauce .34 SuperSaver wyb10  *FP
RedGold diced 28 oz tomatoes .68 SuperSaver wyb10  *FP
RedGold diced 14.5-15 oz tomatoes .37 SuperSaver wyb10  *FP
Cheerios 11.25-14 oz 1.88 SuperSaver – various coupons HERE = as low as 1.23  *FP
Hamburger Helper .88 SuperSaver – .75/3 coupon HERE = .63 each wyb3  *FP
Barilla pasta .88 SuperSaver  *FP
Our Fam canned veg 3/$1 BagNSave  *FP
Our Fam 8 oz tomato sauce 3/.89 BagNSave  *FP
Old Orchard 64 oz apple blends .99 Fareway – $1 coupon HERE = FREE!  *FP
store tomato or chicken noodle soup .39 Fareway  *FP
store refried beans .79 Fareway  *FP
Ortega taco shells 1.50 Fareway – $1/2 coupon HERE = $1 each wyb2  *FP



All detergent 2.49 Baker’s – $3/2 insert coupon = .99 each wyb2  *FP
Snuggle softener 2.49 Baker’s – .50 insert coupon = 1.99  *FP
Colgate toothpaste $1 Baker’s – .50 insert coupon = .50  *FP


I am reviewing where I price match (article in the works), and encourage you to do so wherever you are most comfortable.  Don’t forget to print more coupons from – click on the STAR once you get there.

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Sorry I’ve been remiss in tending to my blog.  Again.  I said I would try not to be, but I failed.  Life goes on.

Sorry I haven’t had time to post the PM/FP deals.  I’m going to post right after this, in a new format.

Sorry I have to report that Bag N Save may be on the naughty list this year!  I’m waiting to hear back from them on their side of the story before I report.

Sorry I don’t have much in me these days.  I feel very drained.  There have been “issues” in our life that have demanded action, emotional and physical.  And I gotta say, these ungodly winds just suck the energy right out of me.

Thanks for sticking with me, readers.  More soon.  Promise!

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